Listed below are the names and contact details of your Parish & District Councillors and your County Councillor. 

Parish Councillors:

Mr Martin Stoneham (Chairman)
139 Hever Avenue, West Kingsdown TN15 6DT
Tel: 01474 853014    Email:

Mr Clive Yarnold (Vice-chairman)
Barngate Farm, St Clere Hill Road, West Kingsdown TN15 6AH
Tel: 01474 852669    Mob: 07746 226834

Mr Ian Bosley
Tiodhlac, The Grove, West Kingsdown TN15 6JJ
Tel: 01474 852924    Mob: 07774 981601    Email:

Mrs Pat Bosley
Tiodhlac, The Grove West Kingsdown TN15 6JJ
Tel: 01474 852924    Mob: 07960261599    Email:

Mr Graham Christie
21 Celia Avenue, Clearways, London Road, West Kingsdown TN15 6BD
Tel: 01474 854675

Mr Vic Codling
33 Hever Road, West Kingsdown TN15 6HD
Tel: 01474 854510    Email:

Jodie Holdstock
5A Bennetts Avenue, West Kingsdown TN15 6AT
Tel: 07902 661852

Mr Alex Illingworth
19 Millfield Road, West Kingsdown TN15 6BX
Tel: 07778 030973   Email:

Mr David Land
Bush Farm, Knatts Valley Rd, West Kingsdown TN15 6XX
Tel: 01474 853694

Mrs Margaret Richards
92 Ash Tree Close, West Kingsdown TN15 6LQ
Tel: 01474 853006    Email:

Mrs Josie Watchorn
60 Southfields Road, West Kingsdown TN15 6LE
Tel: 01474 853873

District Councillors:

Mr Ian Bosley [as above]

Mrs Pat Bosley [as above]

Mrs Faye Parkin
1 Brands Hatch Cottages, Gallows Wood, Fawkham, Longfield DA3 8NE
Tel: 01474 879425    Email:

County Councillor:

Mr David Brazier56 Lambardes, New Ash Green,Longfield DA3 8HU
Tel: 01474 873857    Email: